We create memorable experiences

EDGE Experience creates memorable experiences by planning and carrying out gatherings, tours, events, games and activities in Norway and internationally


Experiences that strengthen relationships and brands

We stage and orchestrate experiences that encourage employees to go the extra mile and turn customers into advocates. When you learn something new and have a great time doing it together, it almost always becomes easier to collaborate afterwards. Relationships turn into bonds, and the brand is strengthened. This happens in encounters between real people – whether it’s events, gatherings, conferences, trade shows, activities, kick-offs, incentives, parties, or group trips.

We can assist you all the way from ideation, planning, preparation, and execution to communication both before, during, and after the event. The goal is to ensure you get the optimal return on investment.


Meetings that strengthen the brand

Most meetings, courses, and conferences are about building knowledge and strengthening relationships. It’s the content and the way it’s done that determine your success. With creativity, good storytelling, planning, and technology, we can assist you – whether it’s a major professional gathering, a leadership meeting, a departmental meeting, a course, or a conference. In addition to the concept and storytelling, we can provide suggestions for strong content with skilled speakers and great entertainment.


Events that ignite excitement

Events can be an effective brand builder. Events often revolve around bringing out the ‘spark’ and ‘star in the eyes.’ We humans are ’emotional creatures,’ and that’s why it’s important to find the right ‘buttons’ to press to strike a chord. With creativity, storytelling, compelling content, planning, and technology, we can assist – whether it’s a kick-off, a gathering, an anniversary, a Christmas party, a summer celebration, or a corporate event.


Activities that strengthen collaboration

You collaborate better after having fun together. It’s that simple and that challenging. We can organize everything from regattas, scavenger hunts in various forms, business games, boot camps, training camps, cooking competitions, motorsports, trips, and enjoyable team-building activities.


Tours that will strengthen the team spirit

You collaborate better after experiencing something significant together. Following reorganizations or periods of change, it can be a valuable investment to take a trip together and engage in an experience that imparts learning and energy to the group.

We can organize trips both in Norway and abroad for leadership teams, employees, customers, and sales teams. We can also design effective sales competitions and incentives.

We strive to be creative, fast, flexible and cost-effective.